What To Expect

If you’re coming to see Mr Elkington for the first time, here’s what your patient journey might look like. 

1. Booking your appointment

We offer an easy online booking system for you to make appointments directly into Mr Elkington’s clinics without the need for a referral letter. You can choose a virtual or in-person initial consultation. 

If you book a virtual appointment, Mr Elkington will review your symptoms prior to the appointment. If he thinks a physical examination is required, he will ask to see you in his clinic instead. 

If you’re paying for your own treatment, Mr Elkington is happy to see you without a referral letter and you can book and pay online quickly and easily. Just choose a location, date and time that is most convenient for you. 

If you’re using your medical insurance, your insurer will likely request that you have a referral from your GP or other clinician. You can contact Mr Elkington’s secretary for advice about obtaining authorisation from your medical insurance company. 

Phone: 020 7952 2499

Email: pa@nickelkington.com

2. Arriving for your consultation

Most patients will have a choice of booking an in-person appointment or a virtual one. 

In-person consultations

When you arrive at the hospital of your choice, you’ll be greeted by the reception team who will offer you a seat in the waiting area. Mr Elkington will come and greet you, and escort you to the clinic room. 

Virtual consultations

When you choose to book a virtual consultation, you’ll be sent a link via email, which you can use to join at the time of your appointment. You’ll also be sent a reminder 24 hours before your appointment is due to begin. 

Please make sure you are in a quiet, private environment where you won’t be overheard. You can join from your phone, tablet or computer, and please ensure your microphone and speakers are working ahead of time. 

3. During your consultation

Mr Elkington will take time to listen to your concerns, understand your symptoms and go through any relevant medical history with you. It’s important that Mr Elkington has a clear and full picture of your situation so that he can offer the best possible advice and recommend suitable next steps. 

If a physical examination is required during an in-person appointment, you’ll be offered a chaperone, usually one of the nursing staff at the hospital.

Most initial consultations last between 20-30 minutes. 

4. Next steps to treatment

Once Mr Elkington has thoroughly understood your symptoms and situation, he’ll recommend some next steps. This will vary greatly depending on your individual needs but might include arranging scans and tests or prescribing medications. 

If the next steps require you to come into the hospital, Mr Elkington will arrange for the hospital team to contact you to book an appointment that’s suitable for you. 

Patients aren’t usually recommended surgery during the initial consultation. If the results of your scans or tests indicate you’d benefit from a surgical procedure, Mr Elkington will discuss this in detail with you during a follow-up consultation.